Zello Walkie Talkie App Reviews

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Used to work great

I loved using this app, but after the latest update I cant even sign in to use it.

I use to work for NEXTEL

I was there during Nextels inception. I remember 3:1, and then going 6: 1 compression for dispatch. Although Zello uses voice over IP, Nextel used an actual time slot on a T1 connection. I remember merging with sprint in 2005, and they (sprint) tried to come up with a PTT dispatch. It too was voice over IP. Its latency was not as bad as Zello, but never matched, nor came close to NEXTELs dispatch PTT. I have seen Zello latency pretty high (1124ms), and didnt think anything of it. Its free!!! I didnt realize how well we had it, until it was gone... meaning we shut down the NEXTEL network across the nation in 2013. What took 13 years to build from the ground up, took sprint only 13 hours to shut down completely. Sad. Just this morning, I could hear my brother talking to his coworkers on Zello. I am not in their group, and my Zello application was turned off, and I was logged out of Zello. This should not have happened. I should never have heard the conversation my brother was having with his coworkers. I was at home, but could have been anywhere, and had i been on a special assignment, this would have compromised my position. Sad. I have since removed zello as of 30 minutes ago.

Need fix iOS

I love this app Ill give 5 stars but one think they need to fix on iOS when you open the zello it doesnt stay on it sign you out and you have log in again this is to much hassle plus youll miss a lot stuff please fix this then you deserved 5 plus stars for now you only get 3

Its a great app, but could use some improvements.

The quality of this application is good, but it could be much better. Instead of 16000 hertz, it should be 48000 hertz. This way, people can get extra clarity on their messages. 16,000 is good, but 48,000 is much better. Also, a few accessibility improvements could be made better.


#teamiphone&android...this app works perfectly for both brands of phones!! I love it its fast simple and easy to use!! Very creative app reminds me of Nextel days! Bleep Bleep!!!

Great app

Works like its supposed to. Its easy and free to sign up. Id like to be able to assign a different PTT button on the iPhone version as its a little weird to multitask and having to use the button on the screen. Other than that, no issues.

Super cool app.

This App works perfectly! I have no complaints whatsoever and its super simple to sign up and free! So knock yourself out a hit on the air.


The best application.

Not good as android version

Why does the app has to be running in the background unlike android?

Love it!

Im literally in Alsip, IL and my family is in Sacramento, CA. I have clear communication with my family!

Fantastic Walkie Talkie App for Indie Productions

This app is amazing. In a way its a thousand times better than an actual walkie talkie because your range is limited only by your cell phone connection. For productions its great because you can create different groups for different departments. You can also send media over a transmission if you need to show someone a photo. Say you send an intern or a props person to the store to grab an item and when they get there they have a question. To gain your approval, they can radio you and send you a photo of the item they are about to purchase. You cant do that with a regular radio. The app runs in the background and can work with headsets or headphones if you are on a silent production. It may not look as cool as a real production radio but its better in a lot of ways. And its much better than just calling with a regular cell phone or using text messaging because you just can just press a button and immediately transmit to any group or individual you want. This is a GREAT APP!!!

Thật tuyệt!

Các Anh Chị nào thích đi phượt, cứ tải về sử dụng, nó rất có ích.

Great for Business

Able to communicate with my managers outside of work. Puts a little more ease of mind.


I would like to say that this walkie-talkie app is exceptional. If you have data or Wi-Fi then you and your team are completely covered. It works really well and I am in a really large building. As long as the team has themselves available then the app will work even when its not open.


I have an iPhone 7 and my boyfriend has the new galaxy and I can hear him just fine but when he hears me its like Im coming through so loud the speaker cant handle it and Ive turned my sound down on my end but thats not helping have you ever had any complaints like this before and what can I do I used this app with the 6 and never had this problem weve used this app for a really long time and even tho it doesnt affect me I hate for him to deal with it I love this app its been super convenient especially when hes out of town

Fairly reliable, but could use a few improvements.

-Bug fix: The description of the offline status states "Disconnect Zello and receive push notifications only (when enabled)." I have ensured that I have enabled push notifications in the settings, but do not receive them after going "offline." I had no idea that people had been trying to talk to me. -Feature suggestion: I find that the app is a little difficult to navigate when going between different contacts, carrying on separate conversations. My suggestion would be for some type of PTT button on each contact within the "contacts" and "recents" lists. This would make it much easier to go between contacts. -Feature suggestion: Why not have the status available at the top of the app at all times with some type of drop down list? I would think that this would make it much easier for the person signed on to see the currently set status, and change it if needed. This would be similar to the setup of several different instant messaging programs. All in all, Zello is a very useful and reliable app, but I believe that the above things could greatly improve its functionality.

Keeping in touch

This app is very reliable. I am using it for a scanner feed for my fire department. I wasnt expecting the channel to be so popular around the world. If you do your channel right you will get a lot of attention without even looking for it. I also use it in buildings where cell service is non existent. Sound quality is crystal clear and doesnt seem to shorten battery life. Zello does keep updating and making the app more stream lined and adding useful features in every release. You wont be disappoint.

Impressive App

A well constructed app, great to use for work, home, and events.. clean clear feedback and amazing quality. Needs more themes and sounds but other than that this app deserves 5 stars!!

Good so far

Recently downloaded. Reminds me of the good ole Nextel days. Works flawlessly so far

I wish everybody was available and if the app would not randomly close

I have randomly closes. All of my family members are on this app, most of them in fact. However, people have been showing standby on my screen and everybody else who tries to contact him because the app closes on me and then then too. Someone needs to fix this app and it is true that Zillow does not read these reviews

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